ELE-English Language Education Program

  • Assets of Multilingual Learners
    Assets of Multilingual Learners
  • Model Lesson
    MMS Model Lesson Day
  • Baker Model Lesson
    Model Lesson
  • Model Lesson
    Model Lesson
  • MMS Ms. Ellis Tangram Activity
    Ms. Ellis Tangram Wall at MMS
  • MMS Ms. Ellis Tangram Wall
    Ms. Ellis Tangram Wall at MMS
  • Welcome to EL at Wixon
    Welcome to EL at Wixon

Welcome to the Dennis Yarmouth Schools! Our English Language Education (ELE)Program serves students from 15 different countries, who speak over 20 languages . Our English Learners (EL) students are enthusiastic learners who bring a wealth of cultural and experiential assets to our school community. 

We are committed to providing a high quality educational program based in current research and best practices for our English Learners. Our goal is to promote the academic language acquisition that students need to achieve success in American schools, in addition to promoting the social language acquisition that gives students access to American culture. We value our students and believe they bring rich resources which we incorporate into our instructional practices. 

As a WIDA state, our students are assessed each year by the ACCESS test, which measures English language development in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. See link to the left to learn more. 

Key Contacts

Meaghan McDonnellDistrict ELE Coordinator

(508) 398-7630 (ext. 7018)

Lila SpanoELE Family Liaison(508) 398-7630 (ext. 7018)

Staff Contacts

Mark CliffordEL Teacher, DYH(508) 398-7630
Sharifa DjurabaevaEL Teacher, DYH(508) 398-7630
Renata dos SantosEL Teacher, DYH(508) 398-7630
Elizabeth FiuzaBilingual Assistant, DYH(508) 398-7630 (ext. 7303)
Mark AitchisonBilingual Assistant, DYH(508) 398-7630 (ext. 7303)
Camilla EllisEL Teacher, DYM

(508) 778-7979

Mouna MeadEL Teacher, DYM(508) 778-7979
Magioula TsilibocosEL Teacher, DYI and DYM(508) 778-7979
Ecaterina Dimonte

EL Teacher, DYI

(508) 398-7695
Kara StoneEL Teacher, DYI(508) 398-7695
Jeanne SeverdijaEL Teacher, EHBi

(508) 398-7691

Jilanne SilvesterEL Teacher, EHBi(508) 398-7691
Adriana Torres BurkeEL Teacher, EHBi(508) 398-7691
Christine CiavarraEL Teacher, MES(508) 778-7975
Brittany SaccoEL Teacher, MES(508) 778-7975
Maryjane TuohyEL Teacher, MES(508) 778-7975
Ann Hagan

EL Teacher, SAE

(508) 760-5600
Hannah HendersonEL Teacher, SAE(508) 760-5600
Jacqueline SmithEL Teacher, SAE(508) 760-5600