Skill Building

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Each of these links will open in a new page or tab. When you have completed one challenging game, just close that page and try another.

  • Please turn the volume on your computer down before you start
  • Never give your name at a site. Nothing more than an initial!


Be Creative!

  1. Make a Flake

  2. Word Clouds - Type in words about a topic and turn them into art!

  3. Find Hidden Objects - A Highlights for Kids page

  4. Sumo Paint - Online paint tools

  5. Make an Animation

  6. Build Your Wild Self - Lots of fun to re-design yourself!

  7. Starfish Jigsaw puzzle

  8. Paint a fall picture

  9. Halloween Crossword Puzzle


Great Sites for Learning:

  1. Build Your Wild Self - Lots of fun to re-design yourself!

  2. IXL Math - Fun interactive ways to practice K-8 math skills

  3. Inventions & Innovations
  4. Our Government
  5. Do You Know the States & Capitals?



  1. Optical Illusions!

  2. Riddles

  3. Mini Train

  4. Sugar, Sugar

  5. Factory Balls

  6. Make an Animation



  1. Seussville Concentration -

  2. One Fish Two Fish Concentration -
    More fun from Seussville

  3. Finding Nemo -
    Follow the compass to find Nemo

  4. Interactive States Jigsaw Puzzle -
    Try your knowledge of the states with this puzzle
  5. Free Rice: Have fun, help others!
  6. Tic Tac Toe Game
  7. Concentration Game
  8. Play Solitaire



  1. Planet Blaster -
    An A+ Math game

  2. Hidden Picture Game - Use your skills to reveal the hidden picture

  3. Hangman - A Math Slice game

  4. Flash Cards for all kinds of math skills!