Mr. Chase Phys-Ed Happenings 2015-2016

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The center focus of my Physical Education program is focused on human movement through a body of terminology and knowledge referred to as THE MOVEMENT FRAMEWORK. It teaches children's movement in a comprehensive way, one which is in clear contrast with curricular approaches relying on lists of activities. Tied into this is an Affective teaching domain that corresponds to the movement framework - through the use of Levels of Behavior that were designed specifically for movement or a Physical Education setting. Ask your students about it and their experiences!!

My Education

B.S. Science - Bridgewater State College
M. Ed. - University of New England


Because of a generous donation of student guitars from the high school and my guitar experience, one of my enrichment courses is beginning guitar. In addition, a Good Samaritan Group is a unique enrichment class for students, as it focuses on helping others locally and away. For example, we will provide gifts, letters etc. to Cancer Patients, Wounded Warriors, Local Disabled Veterans, Operation Gratitude - to send packages overseas to service members. Also, Nursing Home gifts and visit and Operation Christmas Child to name a few. If you as a parent desire to help as well, please contact me at the school.

Hello! This PE page is to provide you with what is happening throughout the school year in Physical Education.

We start the school year off by  learning how to be "controlled" in movement by introduction to learning aspects of The Movement Framework. This will help initiate students to adapt into a sport setting more effectively and with more confidence and skill. For example, they will start to learn "how" to look for open spaces in football and to choose which "pathway" of straight, curved or zig-zag is best to gain yardage or distance and add speed changes when necessary. Also, "lead-up" skills for Football and Soccer and modified games will be upcoming for the weeks ahead.