Dennis-Yarmouth Middle School is committed to establishing an athletic program of excellence. We believe that a dynamic program of student athletics is vital to the educational, physical and social development of the student. Athletes develop the qualities of sportsmanship, leadership, teamwork, responsibility and competitiveness through their sport. The Dennis-Yarmouth Middle School, our staff strives to nurture these qualities in students because we believe that the early incorporation of these qualities translates into success as adults. A strong sports program is a vital part of student life and provides a balance with academics, which the students need for a well-rounded middle school experience.

Student-athletes earn the privilege to participate by succeeding academically, and the resulting positive outcomes continue far beyond graduation. These programs exist to prepare young men and women for the next level of life, not the next level of athletics. Victories are achieved through athletics by developing successful athletes and teams, but more importantly, wins are achieved through the educational experience by developing successful and responsible students, leaders, and community members.

An unlimited participation policy will be used whenever possible. There are, however, factors which necessitate the size of the squad to be limited in order to maintain a high level of safety, coaching, playing time, and practice time. The following will be considered reasons to limit the size of the squad:

  1. Nature of the sport
  2. Access to facility space and time
  3. An exceptionally large number of students trying out for a sport (e.g. 60 candidates for basketball)
  4. Safety factors (e.g. ratio of students to coaches)

Whenever possible, cuts will not be made until after three tryout sessions. The approximate size of the squad will be announced at the first tryout.

Dennis-Yarmouth Middle School Offers 9 Different Middle School Athletic Participation Sports Including

  • Volleyball (Varsity)
  • Cross Country (co-ed)
  • Soccer (boys and girls) (JV and Varsity)
  • Field Hockey (Varsity)
  • Basketball (boys and girls) (JV and Varsity)
  • Fast-pitch Softball (girls JV and Varsity)
  • Tennis (co-ed)
  • Track and Field (co-ed)
  • Baseball(JV and Varsity)