The Title I program has been a part of Dennis-Yarmouth's educational services since 1975.  We offer remedial services in Reading Recovery, Reading, and Mathematics.  Depending upon our budget, which is funded by the Federal Government, Title I has been staffed with as many as 35 to as few as 8 staff members.

Title I works with small groups of children, or in the case of Reading Recovery, with one child at a time.

If a child is in Title I for reading, then Title I reading is in addition to the reading the youngster receives in the regular classroom.  In other words, it is a supplemental program.

All of our elementary schools are Target Assisted Schools.  This means that we work with children from a rank order list.  Children in the school are selected for the rank order list based on the score on their multiple criteria sheet. The higher the criteria sheet score, the greater the child's need for Title I services.

Mattacheese Middle School is a school wide Title I school.  This means that all the children in the school are considered to be Title I students, and all the teachers are considered to be Title I teachers. All students at Mattacheese must have a signed home/school compact.

In the beginning of the year, the Title I teacher will notify you that your child is receiving Title I services. The teacher will then do some preliminary assessment screening and devise an educational plan for your youngster.  Prior to the middle of October, most likely at the Title I Open House, the Title I teacher will ask you to sign the educational plan and the home/school compact.

If your child is is in Title I Reading, we expect you to read with your child for 30 minutes each evening.

If your child is in Title I mathematics, we expect you to spend time helping your child learn his mathematics facts.

We are here to help you.  If you ever have any questions, please feel free to call your child's Title I teacher or call the Title I Coordinator, Cookie Stewart at 508-778-7599, or send an email to

If we are unable to answer your questions you may do further research at the MA DOE
Or the Federal Department of Education:

Staff Contacts

Name Phone Job Title
Virginia Stewart 508-778-7599 Title I District Coordinator, MES Coordinator
Shannon Carlson MES Literacy Coach
John French MES Title I Teacher
Neeley Martin MES Title I Teacher
Kathryn Geremia EHBi Title I Teacher
Meredith Langelier EHBi Literacy Coach .5
Janet Murphy EHBi Title I Teacher
Katherine Richter EHBi Title I Teacher .6
Pam Walsh EHBi Title I Teacher
Lisa Kucia SAE Title I Lit Coach .5
Colleen MacNamee SAE Title I Teacher
Betsy Pontius SAE Title I Math Coach .2
Eileen Terwilliger SAE Title I Teacher
Pavel Braude MMS Title I Teacher
Lynne Donovan MMS Title I Teacher
Meg Spada MMS Title I Teacher
Lindsay Suto SAE Title I Teacher
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