Online Resources For Staff

The links below are a variety of videos that take you step by step through some of the tools we already have, so you can effectively communicate with your students.   

If you have more than one device, I suggest you watch these videos on one while you work on the other so you aren't flipping back and forth to different screens.

Update On How to Share From Google Drive/Docs/Slides/Sheets- In order for people to see what you're sharing, you need to make sure you set the permissions properly.  There's been an update as of the end of May, so take a look at this video to make sure you're sharing correctly.

Zoom Meetings- videos to show you how to be a good host or be a good participant. 

Google Classroom- many step by step videos

Use Your Ipad as A Scanner and Make PDFs-  if you have a favorite worksheet or document on paper and you're wondering how to get it to your students digitally, you can use the Notes app on your phone or ipad to scan it, make it a PDF and then share it!  This video explains how it works.  You can also read this article from Mashable about how to do it.

Help with ExplainEDU- teachers and students have this app which is a great tool to do many things at once and make it into a video.  You can read, show part of a video, write, all at once.  

Help with iMovie- a couple of videos that demonstrate a variety of things you can do in iMovie, from simple to more complex.  The first one is probably the most useful if you're in a hurry.

Saving and Sharing from iphone or ipad- stop trying to send videos by email because they are usually too big.  Learn how to save them to your Google Drive and then get a shareable link.  The second video shows the steps that work for any kind of file you want to share from your Google Drive.

Contacting Families and Students- several ways you can contact families and students, depending on your grade level.

Bookmarks- I show you how to make bookmarks in Chrome and how to import them from Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer so you can stop using those browsers.

Google Tips and Tricks- many things you can do with the products in the G Suite