Literacy Resources 4-5

Elementary Literacy K-5

The district has a long-standing partnership with the Lesley University Center for Reading Recovery and Literacy Collaborative. The Lesley Literacy Collaborative model of literacy instruction helps schools achieve successful literacy instruction in four ways:

  • Provides a research-based model that is student-centered, language-based, and process-oriented.
  • Creates in-school and in-district leadership through school-based leadership teams.
  • Establishes long-term site-based professional development for every member of the K-5 school staff.
  • Monitors the progress of all students through systematic assessment, data collection, and analysis utilizing the Benchmark Assessment System, 3rd Edition

The Literacy Collaborative Instructional Framework is composed of the following elements:

  • Language/Word Study (Phonics)
    • Interactive Read Aloud
    • Word Study
    • Buddy Study
  • Reader’s Workshop       
    • Book Talk
    • Mini lesson
    • Independent Reading/Reading Conference
    • Guided Reading +/or Literature Discussion
    • Sharing Time
  • Writer’s Workshop
    • Writer’s Talk
    • Mini lesson
    • Independent Writing/Writing Conference
    • Guided Writing
    • Sharing Time

The daily Literacy block is approximately 90 minutes and allows for flexibility in instructional grouping based on the needs of the students. Teachers utilize multiple data points to accurately determine the immediate reading and writing behaviors that need to be addressed in their daily lesson plans.

K-5 Reading Foundational Skills

Curriculum OverviewStandards
Grade 4Grade 4
Grade 5Grade 5