Lead and Copper Program

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LCCA Program 2016 *

* plan was revised in October 2016 to take advantage of the Grant money to test the entire district

Retest Results Original Plan April 2016 retested all fixtures with State grant information below Oct 2016-March 2017

All fixtures in the DYRSD school district tested and retested 10/23/16-03/10/17 -fixtures that tested above levels have been marked as  handwashing only. Fixtures that were in disrepair have been repaired.

Data has been entered on state reporting tool.

Required Checklists all sent 3/2017


Also visit the MassDEP website at:
http://www.mass.gov/eea/agencies/massdep/water/drinking/lead-in-drinking-water.html, and go to the "Schools and Childcares" tab.

Copper in School Drinking Water Facts

Lead in School Drinking Water Facts