Recycling News: Mattacheese Middle School Green Team

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As of June 24th our Green Team has collected 21,399 lbs.  They collected 540 lbs.  Way to go Green Team!!!

As of June 20th Mattacheese Green Team has collected 20,242 lbs.  In one day they collected 367 lbs.  Unbelievable!!!  Keep up the good work.  We are proud of you.  

As of June 14th Mattacheese Green Team has recycled 19,190 lbs. 

As of June 4th the Green team at Mattacheese  has collected-17,500 lbs of recyclables!  Keep up the good work.  

Update on Mattacheese Middle School Green Team Recycling efforts as of May 21, 2013.  Keep up the good work team!

" Green  team  today   added  another  350 lbs.  Awesome!  Our  total  for  the  year is  16,151  lbs.  "


Congratulations to the Mattacheese Middle School Green Team for their recycling efforts.  They have collected 14, 247 lbs of recylable product  the weight of a school bus.  

Keep up the good work!!!!!