Energy Conservation

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Energy Conservation


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Costs of heating and cooling


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This is a friendly reminder to make sure that we all help with our energy conservation throughout the district.

 If you see a light on and there is no one using that area please take the time to shut the light off.

Gym, cafeterias, auditorium are big areas where waste has been prevalent.  When leaving your classrooms please take the time to turn off your classroom lights.  

We have been an Energy Star district for the past two years and we really want to see our efforts and conservation continue.  

Be an example to others and CONSERVE!!!!  Thanks for your cooperation on this matter.  

Thanks, Sandy Cashen Facility Mgr.


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School classroom temperature information 10/24/13

 Schools 66 - 68º
Please visit link below for further information:
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How univents work:

 Our school uses a variety of methods for ventilating the building with outdoor air:  Mechanically-based systems such as unit ventilators, central HVAC systems, and central exhaust systems, but in the classroom the UNIT-VENTILATORS are the main piece of equipment.   

The uninvent is an air handling unit that provides fresh air for an individual room.  Univents are preferred for use in rooms that require the introduction of large amounts of fresh air into a room while providing temperature control. 

The univent is usually positioned on the exterior wall of a classroom, usually underneath the window system.  The univent draws fresh air from outdoors through a vent on the exterior wall.  The univent also draws air from the classroom (return air).  Air through each of these vents is controlled by louvers in the base of the univent.  The percentage of fresh air is controlled by the angle that these louvers are set.  Fresh air and return air travel through a filter.  The air is heated (or cooled) by the heating coil and ejected through the air diffuser by the univent fan.   

Please do not shut fans off in your univents and keep the top of the unit clean.  

  • If you are experiencing cold air it could be a maintenance problem (dampers need adjustment, thermostat, motor), some problems are a result of the location of your furniture in your room.
  • If a fan is shut off during the cold weather this could cause the coils to freeze.
  • If you shut units off you are compromising air quality in your classroom.
  • If you feel that your issue is maintenance related please submit a work order and we will address as soon as we can.



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