ELE-English Learner Education Program

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Key Contacts

Name Phone Job Title
Patricia Leon Finan 508-398-7630 X7305 ELE Language Acquisition Coach, Team Leader

English Learner Education Program (ELE)

The ELE program is available to English learner (EL) students whose first language is a language other than English and who are unable to perform ordinary classroom work in English. When students enroll in a school a Home Language Survey is completed. If the survey indicates that a language other than English is spoken at home, students are assessed for EL services. English language development (ELD) and Sheltered Content Instruction (SCI) classes are offered. 

In ELD classes emphasis is placed upon the development of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in English and is intended to promote English language acquisition. SCI instruction includes approaches, strategies, and methodologies that make the content of the lesson more comprehensible to students who are not yet proficient in English. The overall program goals are to enable English learners to function independently and successfully in an English-speaking classroom and community, and improve the academic performance and English language proficiency of ELs across all grade levels. 

Staff Contacts

Name Phone Job Title
Elizabeth Fiuza 508-398-7630, X7303 Bilingual Assistant DYH
Renata dos Santos 508-398-7630, x7303 ELL Teacher DYH
Jennifer Lyon 508-778-7975 ELL Teacher MES
Mouna Mead 508-778-7979 x1225 ELL Teacher MMS
Christina Tivnan 508-398-7695 ELL Teacher NHW
Lindsay Barandas 508-760-5600 ELL Teacher SAE
Ann Hagan 508-760-5600 ELL Teacher SAE
Patricia Leon Finan 508-398-7630 X7305 ELE Language Acquisition Coach, Team Leader
Maura Dean 508-398-7691 ELL Teacher EHB
Mark Aitchison 508-398-7630 X7303 Bilingual Assistant DYH
Eliza Bowes 508-398-7630 ELL Teacher DYH
Christine Ciavarra 508-778-7975 ELL Teacher MES
Jeanne Severdija 508-398-7691 ELL Teacher, EHB
Camilla Ellis 508-778-7979 x1226 ELL Teacher, MMS
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