February Meeting 2017

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Ken Jenks, Mary O'Connor presented plans for a new high school schedule.  The outline calls for a 7-day rotation, with 5 classes per day.  The classes will be of varying lengths.  The plan retains 3 lunches, but will be only 20 minutes each.  

The School Council introduced 3 student representatives, Jake MacCarthy, Sam Capobiance and Lauren Gustafson.  We welcome feedback and input from our community.

The board will be conducting a survey of current students to weigh interest in a combined junior/senior prom held in the spring instead of 2 separate events.  (Don't worry, it will not happen this year)

The PAC scholarship is supported by family dues, and additionally by WasherShore Designs.  This company is making great quality keychains and necklaces from reclaimed washers.  Check them out on Etsy.  

The board is currently reviewing the DY handbook and will present at the School Committee in the spring.