Mr. Mayo, Mr. Petrosino 508-394-7630 ex. 2129
Miss. Boskus, Miss Serijan, Miss Carey 508-394-7630 ex. 2130

Key Contacts

Name Phone Job Title
Valerie Serijan Department Chair
Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School, Health and Physical Education are combined to make up our wellness curriculum.  Courses offered within the department foster “health” concepts and related “activities” designed to build the skills that challenge students to take risks in a safe environment, while gaining knowledge and positive attitudes needed to participate in an active, healthy life-style. The thematic focus of the program is “Improving Personal Wellness and Fitness.”  Students are introduced to wellness concepts in the classroom and learn to apply them through specific physical activities in our gymnasium. 

Students must successfully complete four years of health and physical education (HPE) for graduation. Eight, Ninth and tenth grade students complete a half-year (two terms) of a combination of health and physical education. Juniors and seniors get to choose an elective class they are interested to fulfill there physical education requirement.

Students are required to participate in physical education wear­ing appropriate attire for physical activity.  This apparel, enhancing personal health, hygiene and safety, includes sneakers, shorts or sweat pants, T-shirt or sweat shirt, and socks.

Staff Contacts

Name Phone Job Title
Doug Mayo 9/10 Health /Physical Education Teacher, PE Pals
Christie Boskus 9/10 Health/Physical Education Teacher, Yoga Instructor
Valerie Serijan 9/10 Health/Physical Education Teacher, Athetic Trainer
Sean Petrosino 8th Grade Health and Physical Education Teacher
Cheryl Marie Carey 9/10 Health and Physical Education Teacher
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