To keep pace with a changing world, Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School has integrated its Business and Computer Science programs into a single department named Applied Technology. Computers and communications technology have become an integral part of our everyday life. Business, science, entertainment and virtually all other forms of human endeavor routinely involve the use of computers and computer related technology. Our goal is to educate students with a solid foundation in both the practical and theoretical aspects of today’s ever-changing technology. Graduates will be prepared to effectively use technology in post high school careers and/or higher education. The use of applied technology in the business area will help prepare students to meet the challenges of a society that is dependent on data information. Computer technology will be integrated into classroom activities to assist the students in their school work and to help students gain skills and facility in using many of the major software tools. Broad-based content and transferable skills will be emphasized along with the attitudes necessary to pursue educational and career goals. Courses are designed to include multiple uses of technology where emphasis will be placed on analyzing, understanding and solving problems. Critical thinking skills will be developed in tandem with technical skills.

Staff Contacts

Name Phone Job Title
Kristofer Hansen Robotics
Tamara Endich Graphic Design
Steven Christensen Computer Programming
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