Information on Required Fingerprinting for Staff

Information on Civil Fingerprinting for Educators and other Individuals Working with/Around Children
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On January 10, 2013, Governor Patrick signed into law Chapter 459 of the Acts of 2012, “As Act Relative to Background Checks”, into law.  This new law expands what schools need to do for criminal background checks.  The law expands upon the Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) checks. 

By September 2016, all school employees and contractor employees will be required to have completed a fingerprint-based state and national criminal record check.  Unlike CORI which is conducted every three years, fingerprint-based criminal background checks will be performed one time.

Please refer to the links on this web page which can provide you with additional information about the requirements, the process for having your fingerprints taken and answers to frequently asked questions.

Part of the registration process requires entering a provider ID code for Dennis-Yarmouth.  Our code is 06450000.

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