DYRHS Principal Mr. Kenneth Jenks receiving a 2015 VISI Award from the Cape Cod & Islands Art Educators Association for his support of the Arts

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"Ken Jenks began his career in education some 34 years ago, obviously as a child prodigy! He would deny being a creative person, but here are just a few examples of things he did as, and this is a quote, “the best History teacher ever!” On multiple choice tests, he would often introduce his own name as one of the possible answers, creatively disguised as something like “Jenksus Maximumus.” When playing “Machiavelli” to help students better understand the complexities of Renaissance Italy, he assigned himself the role of GOD! Clearly a precursor of his future plans…?? From our first shared lunch duty, I knew that he cared first and foremost about his students, and for the last 15 years as principal of Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School, Ken has held fast to the importance of the Arts in the curriculum. At a time when he could easily re-prioritize staffing towards those subjects faced with mandatory testing and other challenges, he has not only maintained the staffing levels in the Visual Arts and the Performing Arts, but has taken advantage of district re-structuring to expand and add staff to both! Our Visual Arts program has grown and been recognized at the state and now national levels with record numbers of awards, as have our Music and Performing Arts programs! Ken's appreciation of the Arts and his public recognition of them as an essential component of a comprehensive education make him a model for principals cape-wide and across the country. That is why I am so pleased to present one of this year’s VISI awards to my colleague Ken Jenks."  

Presentation Speech by Mr. Daniel Springer, DYRHS Visual Arts Department Chair, March 19, 2015